Succession Planning Process

We help you identify and develop future leaders at your firm.
You get peace of mind as your business continues to run smoothly.

Our Succession Planning Process

  1. Planning

    We help you build your succession plan by identifying key roles on your team. What day-to-day impact does each role have on your business and how would operations be affected if that person left?

  2. Identifying

    After identifying key roles, you then need to choose potential successors. Who are the strongest candidates for stepping into each role? Would they need training?

  3. Communicating

    It’s essential to communicate your plan to each candidate so they are aware of your expectations should changes happen in the business.

  4. Developing

    We will help you invest in the professional development of your chosen successors. Mentors and job rotations are great ways to develop future leaders.

  5. Testing

    It’s a good idea to do a trial run of your succession plan. If a manager is taking a vacation, have the potential successor fill in during this time. This will allow you to assess whether additional training or development is needed.

  6. Integrating

    Once you’ve identified potential future leaders, you need to integrate your succession plan into your hiring strategy. What talent gaps would you be left with as these successors move up? This is where you will focus your future recruiting efforts.

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