Hiring Process

We take care of the whole recruitment process. You get high-level headhunting and selection at a 12th of the upfront costs.

Our Recruitment Process

  1. Consultation

    We work with you to outline exactly who you need and what you need them to do. This may be in the immediate or planning for the future.

  2. Advertising

    We can help you write the perfect job description as well as getting it out there to the right places.

  3. Headhunting

    We will actively seek out quality leads for the role using a variety of proven methods.

  4. Pre-screen Applicants

    Unsuitable candidates will be weaned out from the initial list of applicants.

  5. Behaviour Profiling

    We look at your current team and conduct behavioural tests to identify what qualities your new hire needs.

  6. Shortlist Candidates

    We assess all candidates against our ‘triple fit’ model, to endure they fit the behavioural, cultural, and technical requirements.

  7. Presentation of Candidates

    We will send you a maximum of 3 quality candidates that best suit the role and your team.

  8. Interview & Offer Process Assistance

    A lot of applicants get counter-offers or drop out at this stage. We will support you in negotiations.

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