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Many Accountancy Firm Owners Hate Recruitment

So many small accountancy firm owners come to us saying one or more of the above. And it’s no surprise to us really. A lot of recruiters are focused on filling a position quickly rather than providing a quality service and the result is? Accountancy owners are left to comb through unsuitable CVs, they struggle to pay for the new hire within the first 3-6 months they are on the job, and then they don’t get any money back when that new hire leaves because they weren’t a good fit! It’s no wonder that recruitment is seen as this frustrating process and a “necessary evil,” but it doesn’t have to be this way.

  • Recruitment is expensive
  • Recruitment takes a lot of time
  • Recruiters don’t understand my needs!
  • "I’m struggling to find good talent"
  • "I’m worried my good staff members will leave"

The Accountants’ Recruiter Was Born

We’ve been in the recruitment industry for 25-years. We’ve worked for a national company and have seen first hand how CVs are passed along without even speaking to the candidates. We’ve been on the frontline and witnessed poor-quality service being delivered and we did not like it.

And this is why The Accountants’ Recruiter came about.

The Accountants’ Recruiter was set up with a view to being different. We want to give more value to our clients, to take all the pain out of recruiting and to give them the full return on investment. We want to work with our clients long term so we can get to know their needs and actively support their growth goals.

In essence, we provide a quality headhunting and recruitment service, one that saves you time and money. Not just now, but as you grow. (See our commitment to you below).

Who Do We Work With?

Our commitment:

We will find your one in a million candidate

We carry out behavioural profiling on your team and potential hires to assess their behavioural, cultural and technical fit.

We will help you retain your best people

Not only do we find your perfect fit, but we also help you get them to stay! We’ll show you how to develop your people and minimise churn.

We will change your mind about recruitment

Experience quality head hunting and recruitment and see how a “necessary evil” can become the best tool in your arsenal.

We work with you to understand your needs

We don’t just fill a role and move on. We partner with you long term to help you grow your people and your firm.

We will save you money

You have the option to pay for your new team member in 12 monthly instalments. And if they leave within that time? You stop paying for them at the point they leave.

We will save you time

Our extensive screening process means that only suitable CVs will be sent your way.

Our Team

Accountants Recruitment Agency in London


People Strategist


Heather Townsend

Career Agony Aunt

Why Us?

Pay for your new team in 12 monthly instalments. And if they leave at any time? Stop paying!

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