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Work with a dedicated accountancy practice recruitment agency. We help you achieve your business and personal goals for your small accountancy firm.

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Work with us to find an accountancy practice employer and a job role which makes you happy and fulfilled. Apply early for the best roles before they become available.

Say goodbye to hiring the wrong person

Tedious. The right candidates aren’t out there. It’s expensive for the service provided. We’ve heard it all. But recruitment doesn’t have to be tedious, lack in candidates, or be a waste of money. We know your struggle and we’re here to put an end to it. It’s the very reason why The Accountants’ Recruiter came to be. Let us do the work for you! We are here to find you the right candidates for your accounting firm — with flexible plans and a tried-and-true recruitment process that includes candidate profiling to find you the RIGHT candidates.

Getting sold
Losing money when a new hire leaves
Drowning in unsuitable CVs

The Accountants’ Recruiter came into being as a direct result of small accountancy firm owners wanting to partner with a recruiter who actually understood their business. Someone who was there for the long haul and wasn’t looking to make a quick buck out of them. And that’s exactly what we do.

We only send you quality hires who are a perfect fit for your firm AND we give you the option to pay for them in 12 monthly instalments. If they leave, you stop paying us. (And yes, you did read that right)

Work with us to avoid these expensive recruitment mistakes

Recruiting too quickly
Not investing the time to lead them
Assuming they have the same knowledge as you
Expecting them to work at an experienced pace
Not integrating them with the wider team
Not setting any KPIs for the first few weeks/months
Accountancy practice recruitment agency people

Expertise in Growing Accountancy Practices

Our wider business is dedicated to helping business owners hire the right team to scale. We share our knowledge in the resource section


We partner with you long term to help you grow your people and your firm

Getting the right people doing the right things is the key to running a successful accountancy firm.

“If you want to find excellent people that are right for your practice speak to Donna and her team. They work really hard to find the right people, even with short notice or sketchy instructions.”
Nicky at Goringe Accountants
“Recruiting new staff has often been a hassle – until Donna made it easier. I have used Donna several times as her process of hiring really does identify the most appropriate person for our role. Donna is a keeper!”
Jonathan – JVCA
“Donna has been awesome at finding us the right talent. She has been patient with our particular requirements and has also provided us with the right advice along the way. She is also not afraid to say that x is not the right profile for you.”
Shaileen – Price Mann

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