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Hiring and attracting the right team members for your accountancy firm

Hiring 101: How to attract the right team members to your small accountancy firm

Attracting and hiring new team members can seem difficult for a smaller accounting practice – especially when you’re competing with bigger accountancy firms. If that’s the case for your business, this article will show you how being a smaller accounting firm can actually work to your advantage in recruiting the right candidates and team members….

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How to prevent quitting and retain new starters

How to Retain New Team Members & Prevent Quitting

You may be wondering why you would need to prevent your new starter from quitting – but did you know that 22% of staff turnover takes place within the first 45 days of employment? This statistic proves just how important those first few weeks and a proper onboarding strategy are to employee retention. So, how…

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Job interview questions blog header

The Right Questions to Ask in a Job Interview

Congratulations, you’ve landed the interview! But remember, it’s not just about your CV. You also get to ask questions! Look and feel prepared with these key questions.

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Ergonomic home office the Accountants' Recruiter

Home Office Ergonomic Essentials

So you’re working from home now, or maybe in a hybrid model, working remotely two-to-three days a week. This is all well and good, but here’s a question: Do you have an ergonomic home office setup?  Working from home is fantastic, but the right home office setup is important for spine health and keeping your…

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Unplug on holiday

9 Tips to Help You Switch Off While on Holiday

Holidays are a time to relax, recharge, and disconnect from the stresses of daily life, but it seems we aren’t very good at that… Research has shown that 47% of Brits at least two days to unwind before they actually start enjoying a holiday. It’s no wonder, as the constant connectivity of our modern world…

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Counteroffer blog post

How to Handle a Counteroffer

Handling a salary counteroffer can be a delicate situation that requires careful consideration and communication. Here’s a step-by-step guide on how to handle a salary counteroffer effectively: Express Gratitude: Thank your current employer for the counteroffer. Acknowledge their effort to retain you and their willingness to discuss your compensation. Take Time to Reflect: Politely request…

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Podcast - recruiting Generation Z accounting talent

Podcast: How to Recruit and Retain Generation Z Accounting Talent

Welcome to the first episode of Counting on Success! In this episode, Donna and Yasmine dive in to the nuances of hiring and retaining Generation Z. Gen Z is a tech-savvy and complex group with a lot to offer. They are the future of the accounting industry and we are often asked how to attract…

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Careers page tips for accountancy practices

7 Tips for a Standout Accountancy Practice Careers Page

You’ve just had your website redone to further entice clients to engage your accountancy services. It’s beautifully designed and hits all the right notes to attract your target customer. But is your website attracting the potential employees that are also key to your business growth? This is where your careers page comes in.  A powerful…

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Podcast: Dressing for the Job You Want with Samantha Harman

In our second episode, Donna and Yasmine are joined by stylist Samantha Harman to discuss first impressions, interview outfit suggestions and dressing for the job you want. Samantha is a qualified stylist and coach with a background in journalism. As the founder of The Style Editor she helps female founders, leaders, and women in corporate elevate…

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Skills testing Accountests Giles Pearson on the counting on success podcast

Podcast: Hiring Based on Reality of Skill with Giles Pearson of Accountests

Welcome back to Counting On Success. In our next episode, Donna and Yasmine chat with Giles Pearson from Accountests, an accountancy skills testing company based in New Zealand. Having spent his 25-year accounting career training and then as a partner with a regional New Zealand office of what is now PWC, Giles started Accountests to address…

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