Unplug on holiday

9 Tips to Help You Switch Off While on Holiday

Holidays are a time to relax, recharge, and disconnect from the stresses of daily life, but it seems we aren’t very good at that… Research has shown that 47% of Brits at least two days to unwind before they actually start enjoying a holiday. It’s no wonder, as the constant connectivity of our modern world can make it challenging to truly switch off and enjoy a vacation to the fullest. (Especially if you run your own accountancy firm!)

If you find yourself struggling to unplug during your holidays, here are nine helpful tips to help you disconnect and make the most of your well-deserved break.

Unplug while on holiday

1. Set boundaries with technology

Decide on specific times during the day when you will check emails or messages. Let friends, family and colleagues know about these time slots, so they understand your availability. Outside these times, avoid using your phone or other digital devices for work-related activities. If you don’t want to check email at all, switch your work email and alerts off in your email app.

2. Use out-of-office messages

Enable the out-of-office auto-reply for your email, voicemail, and other messaging platforms. Clearly state the dates you'll be away and provide an alternative contact for urgent matters. This will set expectations and allow you to feel less guilty about not responding immediately.

3. Choose the right accommodation

Opt for accommodations that offer limited or no internet access. Consider staying in lodges, cabins, or resorts that promote digital detox. Being in a location with weak or no Wi-Fi will make it easier to disconnect and fully immerse yourself in the holiday experience.

4. Create a Relaxing Itinerary

Plan a holiday itinerary that focuses on relaxation, nature, and leisure. Engage in activities that bring you joy and help you unwind, such as reading, hiking, swimming, or simply lounging by the beach. Avoid over-scheduling, and leave room for spontaneity.

5. Read a book

No, not on your tablet. Read a proper physical book. Your eyes and sleeping pattern will thank you! 

6. Delegate responsibilities

Before you leave for your vacation, ensure that you've delegated tasks and responsibilities at work and home. This will give you peace of mind and prevent the urge to check in on things while you're supposed to be relaxing.

7. Practice mindfulness

Embrace mindfulness techniques like meditation or yoga to help you stay present during your holiday. Mindfulness can be a powerful tool to prevent your mind from wandering back to work or other stressors.

8. Limit social media usage

Social media can be a major source of distraction and anxiety. Challenge yourself to limit your social media use during your holiday. Consider posting updates or pictures after your trip instead of in real-time.

9. Capture moments offline

Instead of relying solely on your smartphone to capture memories, invest in a digital camera or use a traditional film camera. This way, you can enjoy the moments without getting sucked into the digital world.

Remember, the purpose of a holiday is to relax, recharge and create lasting memories. With a conscious effort to disconnect, you can truly turn vacation mode on. This way, you'll return home feeling feeling refreshed and rejuvenated, ready to find your next accounting job or team member.

So, switch off, unwind and make the most of your well-deserved time away!

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