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Podcast: Benefits of Behavioural Profiling for Recruitment

Have you ever wondered why some hires work out and why others don't? It all comes down to fit, but not just of skills and experience — behaviours and preferences also matter when getting the right person in the right seat. In the fifth episode of our series, Donna and Yasmine dive into behavioural profiling — a topic they share a fascination and passion for.
Discussed in this episode:

  • What IS behaviour profiling?
  • Taking the impulse ad risk out of hiring
  • The key benefits of behavioural profiling and how it contributes to a higher recruitment success rate
  • Behaviours that can be coached and the ones that are ingrained
  • Case studies where behavioural profiling aided with new hires and identifying the leaders of tomorrow
If you're curious about about behavioural profiling for candidates or your current team and want to learn more, reach out to Donna on email at donna@theaccountantsrecruiter.co.uk or on LinkedIn.

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