2024 hiring trends and tips
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Podcast: Evergreen Accountancy Recruitment & Hiring Trends for 2024

Food for thought: There is no real ideal time to put your hiring strategy in place, but having the right foundations in place will support your recruitment journey. In this episode, we delve into evergreen recruitment trends and what to consider as you hire, not just in 2024, but beyond.

In this episode, Donna and Yasmine share key insights on:

  • Recruitment as a continuous consideration in your business plan
  • Why busy season is actually the best time to instigate the recruitment process
  • The importance of being proactive, flexible and knowing where you stand with your business and team
  • Holistically viewing your practice to help you navigate an ever-changing hiring landscape
  • Looking at candidates as people, not simply cogs in the wheel of the company
  • How to prevent chosen candidates from going dark on you
  • The absolute importance of the onboarding process

Plus they share their respective experiences, with Donna as owner of a remote business, and with Yasmine as a candidate in the past. We know the process of hiring and retaining the best accountancy talent can feel a bit overwhelming, or like you're playing snakes and ladders. It doesn't need to be this way and we hope this episode is helpful for you as you navigate growing your accountancy practice.

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